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Power Plant


Caterpillar 5.3 MW Power Plant


Upon Request


Upon Request









Subject : Offer for a turn key power generating facility with a 5,3 MW capacity.


We are pleased to offer for following:
The design, fabrication, transportation, installation and commissioning of power plant equipment consisting of all equipment to operate the power plant on long term base.
All equipment includes the electrical connection with the 11 kV line at the location as indicated.
It includes a fuel storage and all other requires facilities to operate the plant in a safe and economic way under circumstances as required.
As main equipment we have included one generator set Caterpillar 12CM32C, (build in Kiel, Germany) with a electrical generating capacity of 5,470 kWe at generator terminals each under site conditions as prevail in the operating area.
The fuel for this equipment will be HFO or LFO.
All required buildings and civil works are included as listed.

The total power production capacity will be 5,470 kWe at any site, the station parasitic is estimated at 170 kWe;

The station output at the 11 kV outgoing feeders will be 5,300 kWe, continuous, under site conditions.

During overload, 1 hour in every 12 hours, a load of 5,840 kWe can be taken with this set.
All power generating equipment will be coupled to a connection at the existing 11 kV distribution line.
The equipment and services are described in this offer will be the most economically advantageous, have the best availability with high efficiency and the best long term performance for the heavy duty operations under the climatologically circumstances as  prevail at sites in specail climatic conditions.
The 12CM32C set is designed for 750 revs/ min, this will guarantee a long life and simple maintenance. This set will easily reach the set goals in view of simple low cost maintenance during its entire lifetime.
The design and calculation of the power plant is based on Caterpillar standard lay-outs, according to our standard specification and lay-out drawings. Through the implementation of these standard Caterpillar systems, exceptional quality, safety and cost-effective performance is ensured.
We have included, among other special systems, a heavy duty air filtering system for the
control and switch gear containers and for the 12CM32C engine hall, this obtain an dust free
station in the crucial sections.
As heating system we have foreseen a thermal oil system. This thermal oil works with a low pressure and is non-corrosive. This system needs far less maintenance compared to a steam heating system.
The equipment will be installed as turn-key

The offer is made according to the following concept.

The Buyer will make available the land, the site and give free access to the site.
The Buyer will import all equipment and arrange for all paper work for all required licenses and approvals.
The Buyer will arrange for access to 11 kV overhead line and all rights to connect.
The Buyer will arrange for all fuels to be used during installation and commissioning.

Seller will be fully responsible for the installation of this project.
Seller will build the foundations, the powerhouse and other constructions to accommodate the equipment as delivered.
Seller will have available on site a heavy lift crane that can be used for the installation of the sets and other heavy equipment.
Seller will arrange for its own site power and water supply during the construction period.
A special team of experienced people will be formed to construct this plant.
The same team will as well be responsible for all the guarantee matters, which might occur during the first year of operation, and for the customer support activities after the first year of operation

The equipment delivery will include:

Engineering details for the piling and foundations of the buildings,
Engineering details for the generator set foundation,
Basic / Detailed engineering for the power plant building and other technical buildings.
Basic / detailed engineering for the technical systems.
Basic / detailed electrical engineering and “As build drawings”

All equipment as mentioned in the attached scope of supply responsibility list.
The generator sets will be commissioned in presence of APS / Caterpillar engineers.
All guarantees will be arranged for by APS / Caterpillar.

Scope of supply;

See the attached scope of supply list for details.

Main items:

• One generator set, 11 kV, Caterpillar 12CM32C, output 5,470 kWe each
• Foundation for powerhouse
• Foundations for the office/ control room, workshop and other containers and the sun / rain roofs over the prefabricated containers.
• Power house for the 12CM32C set and its equipment
• Containerized office / control / switch gear installations
• Air filtration system for control and switch gear containers
• Fuel tank yard, with storage capacity for 24 days a
• Fuel pumping system from supply trucks to the fuel oil storage tanks
• Mechanical equipment for intake air filtering on 12CM32C sets
• Mechanical equipment for intake air filtering in 12CM32C engine hall
• Mechanical equipment for exhaust gas silencers for 12CM32C sets
• Fuel cleaning equipment containerized, prefabricated.
• Thermal oil heating equipment for heavy fuel heating system
• Mechanical equipment for radiator cooling
• Mechanical equipment for starting air systems
• Piping for all systems of 12CM32C set, fuels, starting air, cooling and control air
• Generator set control system, PLC based. For Caterpillar power plant.
• Electrical equipment for LV station systems
• Electrical equipment and busbar for 11 kV MV switch gear systems
• Cabling for all systems, 11 kV
• Closed circuit television system for security
• Fire alarm and fire fighting system
• 30 kW emergency set for lighting during real problems
• Connection 11kV with existing distribution system
· Transformer 11kV -400 Volt for local and station equipment
· Electrical & Control system containers prefabrication testing & installation
· Spare parts for the first 8,000 operating hours of all equipment
· Tools for workshop and 12CM32C generator set
· Transportation of all equipment DDU site
· Training of power plant crew
· Installation of all equipment
· Basic engineering for Caterpillar standard power plant
· All installation works for foundation blocks of generator sets, containers & radiators
· Loading bays for the additional installation of extra sets.
· Mechanical / electrical equipment installation in building
· Supervision for testing and commissioning.
· All equipment delivered under DDU terms,(Incoterms) Site, Kotu, The Gambia,


Financing in full might be available upon your request from Caterpillar Finance.
Financing might be done on a Euribor plus 2,5% base, plus a fixed fee depending on borrower. Financing might be adapted to buyer's s requests.

Payment conditions;

• Twenty percent (20%) cash down payment within 15 days from contract signing date against a down payment guarantee issued by a first class bank
• Fifteen percent (15%) cash interim payment within 15 days from the engine testing certificate date against a interim payment guarantee issued by a first class bank.
• Forty percent (40 %) of the contract sum shall be paid out within 15 days from the date of delivery the goods at the docks at any European port under the terms of an Irrevocable, at sight L/C payable in France, which shall be in form and substance acceptable to the seller. The payments under the L/C shall be made in full against seller's presentation to the designated bank of the following documents:
1.) signed commercial invoice
2.) full set of clean on board bills of lading.
3.) packing list

This L/C must be opened by the Buyer no later than ninety (90) days before the expected date of shipping from a European port.
• Fifteen percent (15)% interim payment at within 15 days from the moment that the equipment is installed on its foundations.
• Ten percent (10)% final payment at within 15 days from signing of the taking over certificate or the first day of commercial generating of electricity of any part of the equipment which ever comes first.

Sub contractor(s),

Seller will enter into agreements only with buyer's approved sub contractors only for the actual installation of the generator sets and the related works. The supervision will be by seller while the control systems for the generator sets and the switchgear system will be installed in the SEG factories, being Newage SEG AvK. Ingolstadt and Kempen, Germany, under the responsibility of the seller, The generator set will be commissioned by Cat. engineers, under the responsibility of the seller.
A part of the auxiliaries will be delivered directly by the seller.

Buyer will participate in the following:

Obtaining all import, construction and other government required permits and any other approvals and or documentary needed for the installation of the generator sets and the other equipment.
The buyer, will assist the seller with the day to day communications and other issues regarding the installation country authorities.
This comprehends the assistance of one of your employees (the buyer project manager) to help with the custom formalities for all equipment communications with the  authorities and the other local authorities. (if any)

Ocean transport,

Seller will arrange transport for all equipment to the site of the power plant.

Seller will make available the hoisting beam for the heavy equipments.
Seller, will have the title of ownership of all the goods from the moment of arrival at site.

During the construction we assume to have about one or more engineers to be with our people and assist where necessary and to familiarise him (them)selves with the construction and operation of the equipment.
This person will act as a liaison between buyer and seller.
Seller will take the responsible for the sets until commissioning, after take over, buyer will be responsible for the operation of the equipment after the successful commissioning of each set.

See the scope of supply reference list.

Description of the offered equipment & services

The proposed equipment will be installed, tested and commissioned by seller.
All equipment is designed for power applications (COP; acc. ISO 8528-1)( latest edition!)

. intended for island operation. The operation mode parallel or in island mode will be automatic or manual, depending on as the situation might require.
. The operation of each generating set is carried out from the containerised control room
. The operation method is automatic, with automatic synchronizing, based on a PLC based control system. This PLC will be placed in the control container. The screen will be a 17”

. The proposed equipment includes control equipment, and field instrumentation needed for the operator to monitor the equipment and processes, to give alarm in case of abnormal conditions and to stop the generator operation in case hazardous conditions occur.
. The generator control cubicle will be placed next to the generator set.
. The other controls as foreseen will be placed in the control room.

The generator sets are designed for using h.f.o. (heavy fuel oil) and / or m.d.o. / l.f.o. gas oil (light
fuel oil) (a distillate). If  h.f.o. mode operations is foreseen, the 12CM32C will be able to be started on h.f.o. if sufficiently preheated.

The engineering of the equipment is according to the Caterpillar International Power Systems (CIPS) publication “ Basic Engineering Guidelines And Documentation For Stationary Diesel Power Plants"

The fuels supply, both h.f.o. and l.f.o. will be via a pipeline system which will be build between the tank yard and the power plant.
Anticipated is that the tank yard will only contain the HFO storage tank, the LFO storage tank, the settling tanks, the day tanks and the fuel transfer pump system.
A fuel quantity counter will as well be installed by seller. The pipe line shall have a tap in order to take samples during the transfer of fuel from the storage tank to the plant day tank.
The engine cooling water system will be radiators. To be installed in front of the new power plant building for the CM sets.

Quality control

Quality control, test and inspection procedures applying approved Caterpillar Quality Procedures, are designed to ensure product quality throughout the design, the manufacturingprocess, the construction and the commissioning of the plant.
Each with all auxiliary equipment according to the attached technical specifications.
The total gross site output of the set is according to the relevant ISO & IACS conditions.
The outputs as mentioned are guaranteed until a ambient temperature of 40ºC as might occur at site.
The sets have to be de-rated in output when the ambient temperature is expected to be over 40ºC at site. De-rating is ± 1% of output for every 2ºC increase.

Main advantage of Caterpillar equipment,

- fuel consumption

The generator sets as offered, 12CM32C, have a guaranteed low fuel consumption.
The fuel consumption measured at the shaft of the engine is guaranteed under ISO conditions at 179 grams per kWb incl. the engine driven lubricating oil pump.

The Specific Fuel Oil Consumption at Kotu site for the 12CM32 sets under site average ambient circumstances, based on output at the generator terminals, the fuel consumption will be as follows:

Load Factor Fuel Consumption Tolerance

. 100 % load 188 g/kWh 5%
. 80 % load 188 g/kWh 5%
. 75 % load 189 g/kWh 5%
. 50 % load 197 g/kWh 5%

The guaranteed fuel consumption for the generator set as offered is for all fuels with a lower fuel specific heat value (LCV) of 42 700 kJ/kg as described in ISO 3046/1, latest edition, as well as the standard ISO reference conditions.
The average ambient temperature at site shall not exceed 40ºC for these calculations.
During measurement at site, the actual fuel consumption will be re-calculated towards ISO conditions with taking the actual used fuel LCV into consideration.
If ambient conditions at the Site during performance tests at site are different than site reference conditions mentioned above, ISO 3046 standard shall be used when measured values are compared to Guaranteed Performance given in this Contract. Performance tests at Site shall be made in accordance with the Performance test procedures as described in the Technical Specification.
If we take into consideration, the ISO 3046 standards, the ambient conditions at site and the generator efficiency as guaranteed,

Seller is able to guarantee a fuel consumption of 200 grams per kWe at generator terminals at a load of 80 to 100% MCR. This without any tolerance!
(MCR is maximum continuous rating)

-lubricating oil consumption

The generator sets, 12CM32C have a guaranteed low lube oil consumption.
The expected lubricating oil consumption is 0.6 gram per bkWh.
The guaranteed Specific Lubricating Oil Consumption shall be nor more as 3.5 litres/hour per engine and this shall be measured during operation at a load as described it the Performance test Procedures during 48 hours. This SLOC test shall be held during a period between the first 500 to 1000 running hours of the engine.

If the guaranteed lubricating oil consumption cannot be met necessary repairs and adjustments shall be made.

Installation period,

Ten (10) months after purchase order issue. excluding force majeure.
All equipment will be turn-key installed at the new plant as described in the separate technical specification. The delivery date is the date of the signing of the Final Taking Over Certificate.
The installation period will be extended with any delays beyond our control.
The installation period at site will be 24 weeks after the arrival of the equipment at site.


The guarantee period for all equipment is twelve (12) months from start-up, however, not more than eighteen (18) months from the date the equipment is ready for delivery.
The warranty period begins either on the date of taking-over or upon the date when the equipment was taken into commercial use, whichever first occurs. The warranty period ends twelve (12) months thereafter or after eighteen (18) months after the date of delivery (ex works) of the equipment, whichever first occurs.”


Any differences, disputes or controversy arising between Parties shall be settled within a period of four (4) weeks after the talks on the subject broke down in accordance with the rules of the Chamber of commerce in Paris, France, the decision of this arbitration committee will be accepted by buyer and seller.

Description of the equipment as offered,

Basic design, equipment, installation and services for a power plant including, piling & foundation works and fuel storage equipment.
The complete power plant, the set 12CM32C, 11 kV 50 Hz 5,470 kWe, and the proposed equipment will be delivered by seller & Caterpillar, and their sub-contractors in accordance with this technical specification.
The generator sets can be either operated as a stand-alone unit, or can be operated in full synchronization with the other generator sets.
The essence of the design is to operate reliable and simple by existing equipment and personnel.
Repairs and normal maintenance may be performed by means of conventional tools completed with special tools included in this scope of supply.
The generator set will be controlled by a PLC system, the software will be installed on a mainframe computer in the containerized control room. Load management operations will take place from the control room. Auxiliary equipment is controlled from local control panels, situated in the power house and the vicinity, while other day to day operations will be done from the various locations in the plant.
We have foreseen double charge air intake filters on the CM sets to cope with dusty environment. This will minimize the air dust intake. Next to this we have foreseen to install these filters at the second level, being 4 meters above the ground.
This will reduce the dust intake considerably.


Local staff training is included in the complete offered package.
Training will take in Kiel and at several suppliers factories, we have anticipated for a total of 8 persons.
The training will be split into two (2) groups of four (4) persons each.
One group will follow a mechanical training in the factory in Kiel, Germany.
One group will follow an electrical training at our office in Bordeaux, France and at our sup suppliers.

Site training of a group of engineers is as well foreseen. The supervisors will give training as required during installation and commissioning. The level of this training will depend on the requirements from buyer's personnel.

Technical specification:

The technical specifications provides the necessary information on the basic technical data and information required for evaluation of the plant's technical features and performance, as well as the description of the seller scope of supply.


All equipment and work will be carried out in accordance with the standards and rules of ISO, DIN „Deutsche Industry norm“ and VDE „Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker“ in force at the time of this seller's quotation.


Units of the „System International“. S. I. will be used in all calculations and drawings produced by CIPS.


Where special local regulations have not been made known in writing to seller by the client before the signing of the contract, it shall be understood that the equipment offered will be engineered, designed and constructed following the information available during the time of the contract agreement and according to usual practice for the purpose in question.

The work will be carried out in a way to ensure that all materials used in the power plant and temporary works comply with the approved standards, and that all processes of workmanship are carried out with a high degree of efficiency, in accordance with an approved program and in compliance with the requirements of this specification.
While installation works for the sets are in progress a suitably qualified competent English / French speaking mechanical / electrical engineer will be full-time on the site to verify the work and progress of the works. This engineer will be responsible for liaison with the client’s site representative.
He will inspect, check and test the work and assure himself that it is wholly satisfactory before submitting any item to the client for his approval.


Seller shall submit all site related drawings and calculations for approval by buyer.
Seller shall submit to buyer, electronic copies (reproducible) of all drawings identified in the Contract and of any other drawing reasonably required by buyer in connection with theWorks.
These drawings will be sent by E-mail.
Final drawings will be issued in hard copy, being one set originals and three copies.
These drawing s will be courier delivered or hand delivered.

The standard manufacturers drawing shall be submitted to buyer for information only

As-built Drawings shall be issued as soon as possible after the issuance of the Completion Certificate, and in no event more than three months thereafter, APS confirms that all the approved drawings, data sheets, diagrams, etc., as supplied are final arrangement and working drawings, data sheets, diagrams, etc., of the Works as actually executed and that they contain all corrections and modifications made during the course of the Contract, and that a complete, final list of drawings with titles and latest revisions will be supplied.

Testing of materials and equipment.

Any authorized representative of buyer shall be entitled at all times to have access to any place where work is done or materials are being manufactured, for the purpose of inspecting, observing and/or carrying out any required tests on such materials. When materials have passed the tests and inspections referred to above, the Contractor shall furnish buyer a certificate in writing to that effect. Buyer will be informed in writing of all test where appropriate, this is for all equipment as manufactured in Europe as for test done at site during construction.


Caterpillars general regulations apply to all welding pertaining to the construction, Fabrication, alteration or repair of any part of the equipment, engines, base frames, alternator, boilers, pressure vessel or pressure piping, and all such welding shall conform  strictly with the requirements of these regulations and with the A.N.S.I. and A.S.M.E. codes.

Installation of equipment

The piling, foundations, slabs, concrete plinths for power plant building, office/ control container, switchgear container and other foundations for the fuel tanks will be installed by seller’s civil contractor.
The tank yard will be build according to the local standards as applicable.
The foundations, buildings, pipe works and cable trays installation and other civil equipment will be the responsibility of seller.
The building design for the 12CM32C generator set will be in line with the existing regulations in the buying country.
All installation materials for the seller delivered equipment will be arranged for by seller.
The generator sets will be lowered onto its foundation by utilizing hydraulic jacks, All filling materials will be cleared and the foundation for the radiators and air intake filters can be constructed.
The control equipment and switchgear container will be preassembled and tested at the manufacturer. At site, only cables have to be connected.
All other mechanical, control and electrical equipment will be installed under the responsibility of seller.
Caterpillar will install the equipment with all standards for workmanship as required by the local standards and, seller will ensure that all seller employees, their sub contractor and their associate personnel will obey the safety rules and all other work standards at buyer's place.

Operation and Maintenance

If required, we are willing to enter into negotiations to do a full operation and maintenance schedule for this plant for a period to be discussed.
As a guidance for this type of contracts we are able to offer an 8 year O&M contract with amonthly payment and an additional cost per produced MWh (MegaWatthour).





C280 5.2 MW Specs.pdf

C280 5.2 MW.pdf



Specification and photos are not contractual and are subject to verification upon inspection








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